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As Suffah Academy – Learn Practice Propagate.

Alhamdulillah As Suffah Academy (Charity Number:1188546) has been providing classes since 2019. We have recently purchased a new property to increase our services.


5 Times Salāh

The Academy provides facilities for the local community to perform the 5 daily prayers excluding Jumu’ah.

Evening Madrasah/Maktab

Alhumdulillah we now have around 80 children enrolled in our Madrasah with the overall focus set on Ta’leem (education) and Tarbiyyah (nurturing). InshaAllah this will equip the new generation with the necessary knowledge of Islam, instilling within them religious ethics and values and helping them combat the new challenges of time whilst proudly holding on to their Islamic identity.

Adult Classes

These are for both males and females. They will include, but are not limited to, Tajwīd classes and courses which cover various topics that are a necessity for every Muslim.


The Academy also hosts regular talks and lectures in order to benefit and educate the wider community.


Educating the next generation of Muslim youth


Distribution of authentic Islamic literature


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Rasūlullāh ﷺ has said: Hasten in giving ṣadaqah, for tribulations cannot get past ṣadaqah. (Aṭ-Ṭabarānī)

As Suffah Academy Team