About Us

As Suffah Academy initially began providing Tajwīd Classes for adults from an ex-shop premises.

It wasn’t the ideal beginning, but Alhamdulillah we went on to provide a Maktab facility for young Muslim children and within a month, the Madrasah was full and in need of larger premises.

Within the coming months, the Melbourne Road Methodist Church went up for sale and after istikharah and consultation with others (especially our elders), an offer of £226,000 was made, accepted and completed in April 2020.  

With our increased space we have lots of exciting plans.  The Academy has already started 5 times daily prayers and evening madrasah for both boys and girls. Tajwīd classes will also start soon In sha Allah, with plans to start offering Further Education Courses for all adults too.

It’s not just about kitabs and learning arabic however, we wish to instil and promote values of tarbiyah.  Tarbiyah in Islam is very important, for indeed all of the Deen is based upon tarbiyah (i.e. the education and upbringing of the people). This starts first of all with the education and training of our own selves, then of our families, and then of the community at large. But this tarbiyah is most important with respect to our children so that they are brought up upon the correct path of Islam, with the correct morals and life skills, to deal with the spiritual challenges of daily life.  This can only be nurtured with the correct approach, through a friendly, nurturing and rewarding atmosphere.

As such we have some exciting plans to teach and reward our youngsters for learning and showing the correct morality, manners and etiquette.

Every great journey starts with a single step. We have taken our first steps, now I hope you will join us as we continue on our great journey. The years ahead are going to be filled with challenges and new opportunities. These are challenges we look forward to meeting and opportunities we look forward to embracing (In sha Allah).

We hope to provide the best Islamic education to every single student and will try our very best to achieve that. We will continue to need your support and du’as and are confident that you will continue to be there for us whenever we need you.